Sunday, October 2, 2011


Conyers, L., Reynolds, J., & Ou, S. (2003). The effect of early childhood intervention and subsequent special education services: findings from the chicago child-parent centers . Educational Evaluation and Policy Analysis,25(1), 75-95.

One of the areas that I am interested in exploring in regards to education is how communities and schools can start investing in children at even younger ages. This particular study examined the effects of early intervention for children with disabilities. While I am not particularly looking to work with children with disabilities, I believe that this article's finding that early intervention has longstanding effects on youth is generalizable in many ways. It shows that people with disadvantages gains osmething from assistance early on.

Gordon, M., & Louis, K. (2009). Linking parent and community involvement with student achievement: comparing principal and teacher perceptions of stakeholder influence. American Journal of Education, 116, 1-31.
This study found a link between high involvement of stakeholders (parents, teachers, administration) and math achievement. The relevance of this finding for me is that I fascinating in looking how parental involvement can be increased. Kathy Hoover-Dempsey, a Vanderbilt professor, that I have contacted about possibly partnering for a faculty fellowship, studies this very thing. She has created a model to look at this issue. this article provides further background into the notion that high parent involvement, in addition to active participation from other stakeholders, increases achievement in classrooms. I could use this article in my proposal to support further research or working on this particular aspect of education.

Lee, J., & Bowen, N. (2006). Parent involvement, cultural capital, and the achievement gap among elementary school children.American Educational Research Journal, 43(2), 193-218.
THis article examines how the demographics of parents may relate to the question of parental involvement and its effect on the achievement gap. The authors found that there were similarities and differences in the types of parental involvement parents showed and how it effected children. Examining these differences provides me with insight on how I might look at my project. If I create a project based on the idea of bringing different systems together (the exosystem), this will provide me with information to look into the cultural aspect of what I am doing.

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